SOLEstice: Treat Your Feet

Yoga- and Physio- knowledge infused class for foot and ankle strength and mobility

Course Summary

An hour of foot health-care in honor of the Sole-stice (see what we did there?).

Learn some of the best foot exercises on the planet in this one hour class with physical therapist and yoga teacher Dr. Ariele Foster.

We will be practicing:

  • Bunion Correctives
  • Arch uplifters
  • Foot intrinsics strengtheners
  • Achilles lenghteners
  • Ankle empowerers
  • ...and more! 

 Props to have on hand: washcloth, rubber bands or therabands.

You may complete part or all of the class seated in a chair. You'll also get some bullet points for shopping for shoes, and savings on our fascia release course (which has GREAT techniques for the feet).

Please note: This class was filmed live.

Course Curriculum

Ariele Foster

Doctor of Physical Therapy, yoga teacher since 2001 (trained in Kripalu, YogaWorks, Anusara, Therapeutics and more), founder of Yoga Anatomy Academy, clinic owner, and student forever.  For more information on Ariele, see or


Yoga student

Thank you - my feet felt wonderful after your class! I'll be incorporating these techniques into my daily routine. 

Course Pricing

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Save yourself the need for future physical therapy with these therapeutic moves for your feet.